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1/6th scale German DFS 230 FJ Glider

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I have been asked by Peter Shaw to post these pictures on his behalf, of the 1/6th scale German DFS 230 FJ Glider he has just finished.
And this is the latest model by him, to act as an addition to the Junkers 52 aircraft he has already made.
This is in anticipation of a Diorama based on the Crete Campaign.

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Holy cow! That things massive! Beautiful craftmanship and detail however. Would love to see the complete dio after seeing this!
Man, that looks sick, Nice car, by the way, a jaguar, yes?
And again that guy hits a homerun. Such incredible skill and craftsmanship.
fracking awesome! can't wait to see the completed Crete diorama.
Great looking glider. Can't wait to see the dio.
That big beauty looks like it may actually be airworthy. Mr Shaw strides the onesix world like a titan.
I can't wait to see the dio. The JU=52 was unbelievable and now this!!
Anyone have a link to the previous dio? By the looks of this wicked piece of craftsmanship and modelling the upcoming one should be a doozy.
Just enter Peter Shaw in search.JU-52 thread is titled Peter Shaw does it again.I am almost speechlees.
Okay, that is just WOW! :wideyes :wideyes
OMG! really beautiful! nice one!
1 - 17 of 17 Posts
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