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1/6th In Winnipeg, Manitoba?

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Going to Winnipeg in Feb for a few days, just wondering if anyone knew of any shops there besides Toys r us?
Thanks in advance
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Come to Calgary and we'll hook you up. Outer Perimeter was the only one I knew of in Winnipeg, and they have disppeared.
Hello, Outerperimeter is still kinda there, just not commercially, brad is working out of his house and still has a large stock of stuff. I spoke to him last week and he still is doing business abit slower now that he has 2 kids and 2 other jobs.

If you PM me i can provide his home phone #.

Other then that there is a comic shop on Henderson Hwy, cant remember the name, they have a lot of older Dragon figures in the basement (you have to ask to go down there and have a look).
Thanks Guy's!
I 'm surprised there isn't more in Winnipeg, You'd think it was a big enough city to support it. I can even find more in Thunder Bay it would seem.
Maybe there is a business op in Winnipeg....
Nope...outerperimeter was it and Brad had a hard time with it, most of his sales were though his website. There used to be a good hard core group of collectors, which I was one of until I moved (dam military), we used to have get togethers and such, not sure if anyone is still around now that "the shop" is gone.
The problem with Winnipeg is every one wants a deal, no one ever pays full retail and people will spend 5.00 in gas driving around the city to save .25.
That's too bad, thanks for the info. There's a couple of comic shops I'll check out, maybe I'll find something. It's just Thunder Bay, there are a few shops, but the 1/6th stuff just seems to sit on the shelves forever, then the retailers don't want to order new stock for fears it will do the same.
someone mentioned something about 1/6th in calgary, are there any shops that carry a decent selection of dudes?
There are 3 shops in Calgary that carry 1/6th.

1) Chinook Hobby West ... all the SST SW stuff, Medicom figures, and HT Movie Masterpiece
2) Phoenix Comics (on 17th Ave SW) ... SST SW, DML, HT Movie Masterpiece
3) ComicKazi ... haven't been in a while ... but their "attic" has lots of action figure stuff ... some assorted old Hasbro and 21CT stuff ... used to carry Cy Girls and movie figures, too

#'s 1 & 3 are pretty close to each other on Macleod Trail South.
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