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Hello, we are glad to intruduce the new product , the Marshal of the Empire, coming with his shiny uniforms, one sixth scale.
Outerwear Hat Human body Sleeve Gesture
product included:

1. Head sculpt x1 PVC
2. Body x1 ABS
3. Marshal bicorn x1 Cloth
4. Embroidered uniform x1
5. Embroidered waistcoat x1
6. Breeches x1
7. Embroidered cloak x1
8. Sash with buckle x1 Cloth & Metal
9. Red ribbon x1
10. Sabre x1 Metal
11. Marshal baton x1 Metal
12. Medal of Honor x4 Metal
13. Telescope x1 Metal
14. Linstock x1 Wood & Metal
15. Black boots x1pair PVC

The horse, cannon and gunner are not included in this product.

please see more pictures,
View attachment 394650 Hat Human body Sleeve Headgear Waist View attachment 394652 Outerwear Human body Sleeve Gesture Toy Sleeve Waist Street fashion Creative arts Headgear View attachment 394694 Hat Sleeve Cape Fashion design Costume hat Outerwear Sleeve Headgear Art Fashion design Horse Outerwear Human body Fashion design Horse tack Forehead Nose Hair Cheek Lip Sleeve Chair Fashion design Event Formal wear Beard Sleeve Fashion design Costume hat Street fashion Horse Neck Sleeve Cool Fashion design Outerwear White Sleeve Waist Headgear View attachment 394682 Body jewelry Earrings Round-nose pliers Font Jewellery Finger Thumb Art Nail Medical equipment Fashion Glove Automotive tire Musician Tartan Wheel Automotive tire Grass Wood Spoke Horse Helmet Working animal Horse supplies Wheel Horse Wheel Cannon Working animal Horse tack Cannon Wheel Automotive tire Motor vehicle Plant Tire Wheel Vertebrate Automotive tire Mammal Finger Thumb Art Nail Medical equipment Wheel Helmet Cannon Automotive tire Vehicle


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