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Hi there,

I'm looking for information on 1/6 scale Vietnam figures and Accessories ?

markh166 provided one reference if you're looking for Vietnam era loose parts.

I recommend perusing/searching the loose parts section from the known 1:6 vendors.

There is no active/regularly offered 1:6 Vietnam era/themed items from any 1:6 brand asides from a.c.e. Workshop, but their offering schedule is not consistent and there are long periods of waiting before anything new is offered.

Your post/question is too broad. Refine your question further and I recommend doing some leg work on your own in searching.

Members here will help . . . those who help themselves who are truly interested.

Don't take the reply the wrong way, but you probably will and that's on you.

We all learned the hard way when it comes to searching and asking questions. Just don't expect anything/everything to be answered at your beck & call. If you are, then you're in the wrong hobby.

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Loosely from chronological order:

21st Century Toys made dozens of GI Joe compatible Vietnam figures and accessory sets. Google "unofficial ultimate soldier fan club archive" These are still plentiful on Ebay.

Dragon Model Ltd, or Dragon for short, made several more detailed 'Nam figures and a few accessories sets. These can be usually be found on Ebay.

Toy Soldier Workshop made several, at the time, top quality Vietnam figures and parts. These are very rare but the detail has been surpassed by later companies.

Sideshow Toys made some Dragon-quality figures based on the Platoon movie, again search on Ebay.

Hot Toys made two SEALs (a Stoner gunner and M60 shorty gunner) and couple Platoon figures, all extremely rare. (The HT SEALs have not been matched in awesomeness yet!)

Soldier Story made one MAC-V SOG figure.

ACE Workshop made several figures of excellent quality, some earlier ones are harder to find, others are still on Ebay.

DAM Toys made the M60 Gunner from Full Metal Jacket.

Did I leave out anything?

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What are you looking for? I have lots of spare US and VC Nam stuff.
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