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I posted this in the Sandbox a while ago - found a diecast UAV at Walmart that is adaptable to 1/6 scale. And it's dirt cheap!

Guys, had a find in Walmart the other day I thought I'd share:

As you can see, it's from Maisto's Tailwinds line, and is a model
Predator. Of course, the real Predator is a big craft (essentially
operating out of airport type facilities like a small plane) but in
this scale (wingspan of the Maisto is 5.5"), it's a perfect substitute
for the smaller, man portable units like the Power Team UAV
represents. And you can't beat the price - was a buck and some
change, if I remember correctly.

Kansas City

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There is this hobby shop at Rivervale Mall in Sengkang which displayed a 1/6 RC UAV with camera function which i've been eyeing for a long time.

Never got to ask the owner how much it cost cos it is RC. If i buy it don't know how to house it in the first place.....and it won't be flying taking it remains in that shop..... in its box since the shop opened 2 years ago.

You might want to check it out. Shop is located on the ground floor facing the Fila shop.

Hope it helps.
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