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Hello, It's been a while since my last post. I've been busy with work..
Here is my latest custom build of 1/6 Top Gun Tom Cruise (still work in progress).
I'm trying to make a full set (except for his bike and plane)
I started about a month ago, and here are some pics of progress so far.

First I found some patch images here and there and rebuilt them and cleaned them. Printed them out on printable cotton and put them on jacket.

Also did the same for his flight suit. Trying to make it movie accurate :)

My first try of his head sculpt.
In the beginning, I tried to just buy one and use it, but most of the head on the market was from his later movies (like from mission impossible or other later movies)
Like my other heads, I'm doing moveable eye custom and switchable face custom.

After 2-3 more sculpting tries, I got something I can live with..
Also tried color resin for casting.

Trying new hair mod for him + new skin painting method I came up with.
I've been using 'Boba fett''s infamous pastel method, but wanted to try something different this time. It's much like CG texture technique I'm more used to.
Also getting ready the costume sets and helmet (wrong one in the picture BTW. I couldn't find it when I took the pic..)

Still working on skin painting and and hair, but I tried to see how it fits the body with costume. I'm using the Hot Toys Asian body (Bruce Lee body) since Tom is little smaller :p (Sorry, Tom)

Also made custom aviator helmet. I custom made the decal using vector graphic and scaled it down to fit the BBI helmet (model hgu-33). Printed on white decal sheet and cut them piece by piece to apply on the round surface. (That was nightmare BTW..) Still needs coats of glossy top coat spray!
Face skin painting is almost done for regular face and smile face.
top coat kinda smeared some painting.. I'll touch them up later..
The other one (laughing face is still WIP) his 1/6 scale tiny teeth are giving me headache!!

I'll be done with the set soon. I'll post more images then.

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This is fantastic!

Which body is this on? For an authentic height Tom, I'd highly recommend the Enterbay RM-5.

"I feel the need, the need for speed!"

For that reason, I'm using Hot Toys TTM-17 (Bruce Lee Asian body) which is similar to Enterbay RM-5 you mentioned.

Stendars mercy!! that is amazing work!!
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