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Great looking set of figures and fantastic job on the helmets.

Would love to make that helmet.

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Someone asked for the new decal for the new movie I used.
Here is the decal for both Helmet.

1. Download original. Print it 8" X 3" on Decal sheet.
2. Cut into pieces
3. Prepare the Helmet (HGU-55. Remove Visor and mask. Cut off top stopper) Mask out the rubber area.
Paint base color.
Start from front center. (Use Decal Softner and Decal Setter. It helps on curvy surfaces)
4. Continue with back
5. Do the side. ( (Use Decal Softner)
6. Wait for the dry and spray gloss coat 2-3 times (spray - dry - spray again) Reattach the Visor and mask.

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