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Sunglasses Military person Military uniform Sleeve Hat
Clothing Face Glasses Arm Military person
Shoe Outerwear Military person Sleeve Gesture
Face Shoe Military person Camouflage Sleeve
Camouflage Military camouflage Sleeve Military uniform Military person
Leg Camouflage Military person Sleeve Military uniform
Military uniform Military person Military camouflage Standing Luggage and bags

Items included:
RAF Officer Peaked Cap (Below Group Captain)
RAF Side Cap (Warrant Officer to Wing Commander)
RAF Officer Bush Jacket
RAF Tropical Trousers
RAF Tropical Shorts
Black socks
Beige socks
Black Oxford Shoes
Body and Head sculpt not included

Insignia included:
RAF Officer Peaked Cap Cap Badge
RAF Regiment Shoulder Title (Pair)
RAF Pilot Wing
RHKAAF Pilot Wing
Navigator Wing
Observer Wing
Air Engineer Wing
PARA instructor Wing
WSO Wing
RHKAAF Crewman Wing
Pilot Officer Rank Slides (Pair)
Flying Officer Rank Slides (Pair)
Flight Lieutenant Rank Slides (Pair)
Squadron Leader Rank Slides (Pair)
Wing Commander Rank Slides (Pair)
Warrant Officer Slides (Pair)
Master Aircrew Rank Slides (Pair)

RAF Officer Peaked Cap
Head Peaked cap Cap Gesture Headgear
Peaked cap Cap Hat Sleeve Headgear
Outerwear Hat Cap Neck Sleeve

RAF Officer Side Cap
Cap Costume hat Headpiece Eyelash Jewellery
Cap Headgear Knit cap Personal protective equipment Baseball cap
Hand Outerwear Cap Hat Sleeve

RAF Officer Bush Jacket
White Human body Neck Street fashion Sleeve
Hand Arm Human body Neck Sleeve
Outerwear Shoulder Neck Sleeve Dress shirt

RAF Tropical Trousers & Shorts
Sleeve Knee Thigh Waist Denim
Human body Sleeve Dress Grey Wood
Trousers Outerwear Sleeve Thigh Denim
Shorts Hand Outerwear Arm Leg
Jeans Shorts Leg Dress Human body
Shorts Outerwear Leg Active shorts Trunks

Socks & Shoes
Creative arts Font Art Human leg Woolen
Shoe Sports equipment Glove Flash photography Gesture
Shoe Outdoor shoe Grey Walking shoe Font
Shoe Oxford shoe Outdoor shoe Walking shoe Boot

Rectangle Font Sleeve Electric blue Pattern

Patches are designed digitally and woven with a machine and backed with self-adhesive.
Prototype shown, final product may vary.
Please contact Ensign of BASE for enquiries.

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Looks good. It would make a good companion to the old BBI RAF Desert Pilot released back in 2003. Helmet Sleeve Military uniform Military person Font
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