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Hey guys! Been a while I did one of them 1:6 Model kit reviews from China.

Will, I picked up this little sucker for 3.00 + shipping. Been wanting to do a review on one of these 4d models Sniper rifles.

The Kit shown in the bid is the wood color version. Sadly I got this OD colored version SVD Sniper Rifle.

Once again, I been wanted a SVD. But, they're expensive for the full metal version. *Note: I WILL GET ONE!!! One day... :\*

Here the link of the kit. SVD Sniper Verxion Rifle Weapon Gun for 1 6 SCALE12" Action Figure 1 6 Model Toy | eBay

Pretty happy I got it cheap. These model kits for around 10.00 to 15.00 :/ So I'm happy for the price I got it for.

Here we go with the Review.

Lets start with the box.

Pretty nice looking box. A CGI image of the SVD. On the back of the box has a history of the SVD. I don't read chinese so...

Unlike the other 4d models that come in a gun case or a plastic bag of parts. This is well set up. Very organized for the build.

Very well protected with a outer shell of clear plastic.

The kit come with 2 magazine. The really bad out of focus image I have here is one of the magazine that DON'T fit. Because, it is missing a piece on the back of the magazine. Pretty much you well need to add a piece of thin stryrene to make this magazine work. The second magazine fits just fine.

The kit contains a VERY short piece of webbing. I guess this is for the sling... It's really short and might be some use for another project.

Oh it also comes with these OUTRAGEOUSLY huge clips. Best hit mimicraft on ebay and get the right scale clips for a sling.

The Barrel, Front sight need some drilling. So get out that Drilling finger tool and open these area's up for added detail. The Bipod is crap.. Simple crap. Prefect for display but its crap and detailless.

Well folks, here she is put together. The only real complaint I have is the spring that connects to the bolt carrier. It's pretty cool! Need a little work here and there so I'll post up a work job on it later. Some little work nothing more.

So yeh! Enjoy all.

I give this kit.

7 out of 10. needs detail work but that's really it.
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