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Never seen this on this forum or the last one that i frequent. Here's a product description and my review:

1/6 Sixth Scale Snooker Player Action Figure TP-CT008 Toys Power

Head sculpt and Body Accessories:
★Detailed made and highly likeness
★Head sculpt with highly-emulation hair
Young playing snooker: ×1 set
Middle-aged with a smiling face: ×1 set
perfectly presented.
★A bare body of approximately 31cm: × 1 set ★Hands: ×4 pairs
Costumes and accessories:
★T-shirt: ×1 piece
★Jacket: ×1 piece
★Suit Pants: ×1 pair
★Bow tie: ×1 piece
★Socks: ×1 pair
★Leather shoes: ×1 pair
★Belt: ×1 piece
★Wrist watch: x1 piece
Snooker table and accessories:
★Snooker table: ×1 set
★Snooker balls: ×21 pieces
★Chalk: ×1 piece
★Pool cue: ×1 piece ★Rest rod: ×2 pieces
★hand painted.

The box is big, not thick, but big rectangular size. Protected by plastic, no foams. Second layer contains the table.

The main figure. HS looks quite closely resembling to the legendary snooker player Stephen Hendry. Dressed already in his standard competition attire. Nothing else to dress up with regards to the figure. Comes with 2 HSs: Camera face and focus face.

The accessories. Nice wrist watch. comes with 4 pairs of hands, with different bridging hands.

It also comes with a snooker cue which is 2 parts attachable, and 2 different extension bridges. The cue, i believed, is not made of wood, but metal. So is the triangle. I believe the balls are also metal, as they feel heavy. All the balls are very round, can roll freely on the table.

You can see the six pockets on the bottom of the table. The green felt on the table feels good, tailoring is great, looks well made, with the correct lines drawn on the table. I guess what's need to be done is to assemble the table.

And...there's no manual. Hence there's a bit of learning curve here. At first i tried to put the legs on the rails of the table, but to no avail. Then, by studying the supporting stands, i tried putting the legs together. And i guessed, that's the way! A bit of adhesive will help. Use blue-tag if you plan to put the table back into the box. After the legs are joined, i simply put the table on top of it, with a bit of adjustment. And there you have it!

Here are the balls in their respective places. There is an extra of 3 red balls. And yes, did i forgot to mention the chalks?!

And here's my idol getting ready for his play! Standard flexibility for the figure. Can deliver most snookering poses.

Whoops! Here's a beautiful woman trying her hands on the sport!

Stephen Hendry: Your stance is incorrect!

Stephen Hendry: "I wished i was taller...damn it"
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