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1/6 scale 18th Century Clothing?

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Does any company make 1/6 scale 18th century civilian clothing?
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I wish I could find some. Then I could get to work on some steam-punk bashes I have been hankerin' to do.
If you're talking mid to late 1700's, you actually have a fairly good number of options although some may be harder to find than others.

Talking Presidents carries a Thomas Jeffereson figure for about $30.00

All of the clothing used by the various Lewis and Clark figures, produced by Manitou Free Traders and sold loose by Good Stuff to Go, fit into the late 1700's.

Sideshow's Blackbeard is from that era.

SOTW used to produce a pretty wide variety of figures from that era. Although they were military themed, I beleive a lot of the clothing could also be used by civilians.
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Between projects and 1/1 I'm slowly putting together a fort-full of Colonial American scratchbuilt outfits. Mostly civilian and Indian now.
What about the Clockwork Man figure from the Dr. Who range - would that be any use?
There are a few options if you are an inventive person.
Cotswold and Newline make WWII officers and riding boots with a little work they could look very authentic.
Battle Gear Toys makes a huge range of Civil War and Western gear. Some of the vests and coats and shoes would work for Victorian.
The talking Presidents line listed above will work with some mods.
There are some inexpensive Pirates of the Caribbean figures out... Mostly they suck and their clothes are a little over sized but they have some good parts (Target has them for $20).

Iron Mike did a great Jack the Ripper... Um, I can't find the link. It's on this board, do a search in the archives.
Larry ( I think that's his name ) at Circle Home also makes a custom set...But he won't be taking any more orders for a while now.
18th Century clothing is more like Ben Franklin and Last of the Mohicans type stuff. Men with ponytails, hose, knee breeches, cocked/tricorn hats, etc.

1700s stuff.

Men's fashions made a drastic change in the first couplethree decades of the 1800s.

Best bet for commercially available 18th Century/1700s is pirates, Manitou Traders L&C and that Thomas Jefferson fig.

Maybe Barbie or some other pink company produced a male fig with some usable attire for Beauty and the Beast or the like. I don't know.
Was it something along these lines?

Cocked hat, wide fall knee breeches, hose, waistcoat, neckstock, straightlast shoes, and frock coat?

Hmm, yeah....

Nope. No idea where you could get stuff like that.

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There were also the SST American Revolution figures, along with George Washington. SOTW did several figures, along the same line as the talking Presidents, that may sometimes be found on eBay. Larry at Circle Home Studios is definately no longer taking orders and will probably be out of the business for a few years. I asked him about it a few weeks ago and he said he may come back on a limited basis in a few years but, he is in another 1/1 line that doesn't allow him the time to devote to his 1/6 business. It's not easy to find but, it is out there.
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