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After many months of putting it off I finally decided to finish it! This would be my first 1/6 figure and I'm pretty happy with the end result. It started when I saw some pictures of Russian Battle Angel "Ahha" by Super MC Toys and knew I wanted something similar but couldn't afford to drop $250-300 Canadian all in one go. So I decided to kitbash my own and acquire parts slowly over the course of 6 months. I bought a much cheaper and on sale $105 Mini Times Toys M016 Female S.W.A.T. and started from there. Next I got the amazingly sculpted Facepool head FP-H-003 at around $35 and things were looking really good at this point but I wasn't happy with the body that came with the kit.

I'm a big fan of Tbleague but decided against going over budget as well as avoiding the potential issue of staining the body with the dark swat cloths. I knew I wanted something that had realistic proportions as well as flexibility for posing. The bodies I kept seeing online didn't give off the impression that they were built with quality so I expanded my search and discovered a interesting solution. I've seen some users shrug off Barbie bodies for obvious reasons but I was impressed by their made to move line, specifically the curvy version. They are cheap, flexible, durable as hell, and are the same proportions as a Tbleague s28 for reference (barbie having the smaller bust of course which is something I really want TBleague to add to all of their female lines).

When I received the body I noticed the hands and feet were proportionally undersized. Fortunately however I just ripped them off and used the sets that came with the minitimes kit with the exception of the hands. I remember seeing a doctor who kitbash on Flickr that had a pair of hands that really stood out to me so I hunted down where they were from and found out they were from another barbie set called squirrel girl. I pretty much had to destroy the entire doll to salvage the hands but I wasn't looking to keep anything afterward anyways. Last step was attaching the head using some copper wire and a appropriately sized bead so the head could pop on and off when needed.

I had the vest on with all the attachments but took it off last minute because I felt it just didn't sit right without needing a lot of extra work to weight and fit it down properly so here it is in it's finished state. I was afraid of reposing her so I just took a few pictures. :dancing

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