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Is this a 4D release? Pistol vaguely resembles a glock.

As far as I know, no.

It's a 1:6 weapons set to use with those assembling their own 1:6 custom "Joker" figures.

It's a set being offered/sold by a known reputable 1:6 vendor in Asia who is also a member of the OSW.


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If a proper Charlton Heston sculpt were available, the M76 would be a good addition to a Robert Neville figure from the classic and excellent 1971 science fiction movie, "The Omega Man". For those not familiar with the movie, it was remade in 2007 as "I Am Legend", with Will Smith in the lead role. Considering that "Legend" was produced much more recently, it obviously has better effects and production values but many believe that "Omega" is the superior movie.

The Omega Man (1971) - IMDb

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