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1/6 collecting a reflection of interest and knowledge

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hey all, just wanted to put this out to sort of say something about our wonderful hobby that i've had the pleasure of being a part of for the past 8 years and that's the's been 8 years and i still love it albeit the fact that the hobby has grew greatly the past years in term of quality as well as price but also at the same time this hobby has taught me alot of things about the reality of the men and women that are in the conflict zones worldwide as well as the fun part about people that are in this world, the thing is 8 years ago i couldn't tell the difference between a 9mm or 7.62 mm warsaw round or for that matter the clear distiction between what makes a logical tactical setup for either a close quater battle or a long range patrol recon ...heck back then a gun is just a gun..but nowadays i could tell an mp5 with Rail Integtrated System to a standard one and why it's being mounted for the operator. the thing is in malaysia, we don't have airsoft guns because our govt don't want some idiot trying to hit on a bank with pellets ...oi vey .... but through this hobby i've learned a lot about weapons as well as the whys and hows such tactical preferences are needed given to the circumstances...hell, i remembered a while back i used to love load out my figures with a lot of pouches and **** (remember the silverthrone denali "kitchen sink" vest) and put my squad in a close quater battle enviroment ..again oi vey ....but recently looking at the awesome bashes that all of the guys have done here and reading and looking at photos from other related websites, it has made me more aware of the dos and don'ts ...truth in all i like this hobby and to all of you it has been an awesome 8 years of mp5,akm74,m4 sopmod,fn fal, glock, desert eagles, fn m249, m60e4 mod 0 and all that jazz ...and to all of you here as well that i've befriended's been a blast and i love you all...

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You've done a good job of saying something I found myself thinking about as the year began. All these years in, and I'm still having fun. Every day is a hoot, and some are flat out amazing. The hobby's changed a lot in material and cost, but has only grown stronger in the experience.
Well said orangminyak, and here's to many more years ahead.
Nice piece of writing Orangminyak.
Well said bro, well said.....orangminyak and I will hang out till wee hours in the morning just to talk and discuss on the hobby. We will exchange ideas and techniques on how to improve further in relation to our hobby. He's a great customiser with specialty in bodies and headsculpt.

We also spend time customising our figures together to perfection. Both of us have won competitions with our work. Our philosophy is simple, buy the cheapest available, be it 21C or some cheap looking toys set or be it some old stuff others sell. We will turn it to a masterpiece with, again, the cheapest means. We don't mind using cheap can sprays as oppose to hobby paint which cost 4 to 5 times the price of a can spray. To us, we use anything and everything to get to job done. In fact, lately, I just help him to get a shirt done for a famous super hero he's doing. I hope you will post it here when ready!!!! Everyone is waiting......

We have went thru a long time, 8 years to be exact, and there are times of joy and laughter, but we too have a fair share of 'the Dark Side' or 'fiasco' :chainsaw as he will put it, but all I can say is we went thru hell and back!!!! :ar15

So for this, bro, a big CHEERS :cheers to our hobby and to all our friends out here and most important to our friendship!!!!

And its an honour to know someone of your skills and capability!!!

:clap HAIL 1/6 COLLECTIONS!!!!! :clap :jump4joy
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