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1/6 Clothing Store

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What are the best places to find 1/6 clothing such as pants, suits, etc...
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You mean civilian clothes?

Old Joe Infirmary (under "Civies")
Project-Are (not selling directly right now -- can be purchased at Good Stuff to Go under "Project Are")
eBay (search results for "1/6 suit")

Hope you find the links helpful! Welcome to OSW.
There is also, Adventure Gear:
we are the manufacturer in China, and we can make any kind of toy clothes for you.

heck, you can always try
on the pun part, they call themselves MART. so i assume its like going to Target or WallMart :D:D:D
Looking for generic police type windbreaker jacket ..... can be lettered by buyer... looked all over but cannot find on the web
Project Are

Under catalogue --mens clothing --windbreakers--on that page a link for law Enforcement Version


Were In Sandigo Area Sell At The Kobys Swapmeet Sundays Stop Buy Azteca
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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