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Re: Completed! 1/6 Berserk Guts Berserker (wolf) Armor version custom figure

Holy Sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet!!!!!!!!!

This is stunning. Amazing craftsmanship to say the least. :thumb
My favorite character + favorite armor! I put some extra effort to this one :)

Masterpiece. Can't say anything else.
Congratulations, really.

Holy crap! I love the armor!!! Great job!!!
Yeah! That armor was some major labor!~

Just unbelievable. One of the best custom figure I have seen. BTW, pm sent. Please check. Thanks
Thank you very much for your support and understanding!


Woo, both happy and sad to see this finished. Sad because I love watching the progress updates as much as seeing the finished custom. Do you have any plans for what to do next?
Yeah. Same here, All good fun thing comes to an end eventually!~ Also my other projects are waiting~
I'm gonna take a break from 12" mod and do a Mech custom this time. (Macross!)

This is one of the best custom figure in this forum! Perfect rendition of the comic character. Very nice work!
Not many folks here do comic book characters... Maybe that will change over time :)

Excellent! I was able to follow this when I saw the WIP thread. :thumb excellent Job!
Thanks for checking out both thread!!

Wow!!!!!! turned out awesome, keep them coming
Thanks! I will for sure!

Incredible work!

My favorite custom comic/manga fig, ever. If you ever cast plastic versions for the armor, please let me be the first to know. :) Your work is extraordinary and I am a big fan.
Thank you for your big support!

Very cool.

I wish someone would mass produce this figure. Even if it wasn't *quite* as good as your version... it would still be cool to own. I have the old Art of War/DML figure, but it doesn't hold a candle to your version. The work you've done is amazing on both figures. Sooooo envious!
If someone can pick up the license for 1/6 figure, that will be awesome!~

Probably the closest you could own would be the not-sixth scale figma figure.
There is that, too. smaller, but nice proportion.

Wow, this is simply amazing! Great work!!
Thank you very much!

I....... Wow..... :jawdrop

That is pretty wicked. But regarding thw sword: is he compensating for something? ;)
Don't even start! :p I didn't design it!

Can you go work for hot toys and mass produce this because I WANT ONE!!!!!!
this armor is not a very good design for mass production...

Holy crap kyekye. This is perfection!
I tried my best!

you should work for a toy company mannnn!:thumb:thumb
I would if they pay good money :p

damn! so awesome!! amazing job!!

Wow, this is wonderful!
Thanks for nice comment!

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Man, this is just incredible. This is one of my absolute favorite customs I've seen. You really do incredible work.
That is absolutely just BEAUTIFUL! Awsome job, figure looks down right Amazing! I know very little about the character himself I admit, but even with that, all I can do is praise the finished work I see. :thumb
Thank you, sir~
Here are some more shot I edited


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Thanks for still remembering this custom and nice comments.
I'd thought some big company would pick up the license and do more official figures, but they are slow. Maybe the Medicom version didn't sell that well... bummer...
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