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1/6 灼热之魂 小丑警察 Burning Soul(POLICE CUSTOMIZED EDITION)BSF-002


Accessories list
Head carving (PVC) *3
Prime body (ABS) *1
Poker (58 cards) *1
Handcuffs (alloy) *1
Bullet (alloy) *8
Clip (metal) *1
Nameplate (metal) *1
Police badge (stainless steel) *1
Butterfly knife (stainless steel) *1
Spring knife (stainless steel) *1
Rifle (wood + alloy + leather) *1
Watch (stainless steel + leather) *1
Platform (ABS) *1
Leather shoes (genuine leather) *1
Hand type (ABS) *12
Socks (cotton) *2
Police trousers (cloth) *1
Police uniform (cloth + alloy) *1

spot 300 in September
plus 300(IF) in October - November

Why choose Heath Ledger? I respect his ability to devote himself to every role he plays, and that's part of my strength. The hardest thing to do is not external pressure, but to keep calm in the face of difficulties. This time it took me a year. Modeling, coloring, insisting on modifying each head of a large cargo to ensure that each one has the same quality. This is my most difficult attempt at present. I regard this as a discipline. Every spare part I try to do with the best materials and the best way. It takes a lot of time to hone my perseverance. To be honest, all the toys I developed are just for my own fun. But all this changed with the help of many people. Over the past two years, I have helped six brands complete their work. And after they succeeded, they all gave me their full support, with their best experience and resources to help me better complete every detail of this work, I am very surprised and grateful.

First need to thank Robin, Guangshen Zhu, tachikoma, Mr. Su, Glock Pan,for all the technical support and power you've been able to give me. Also thanks to Sun Wei for his long-term spiritual support and experience sharing. And my steadfast brother, Jonathan Cisco, always inspires me with his own actions. I have always admired the painter bio09, but also for me to contribute such an excellent cover, giving the soul of this work. A.J. You took my favorite photo,And spent a day teaching me how to make a beautiful UI interface. Kevin Chen, thank you very much for your many help at the critical moment. It is because of your encouragement and trust that I can not hesitate to invest in the research and development of my works. My sister, you and I were involved in drawing these head carvings, and without you, I would not have done such a great job. This is the glory of all of you. I hope I have not been ashamed of your expectations. This is what I want to say.

(This image was taken by A.J. and shot directly at random. There is no PS mask except the UI interface. Thank A.J. again for his contribution to this work.)

I heard my good friend Sun Wei mention the values of BBICN. He believes that if a brand is serious about making products and is confident enough about the quality and style of the products, it won't take time to please the players. More time should be devoted to the quality of each cargo. Including Sun Wei, he has been insisting on this. Since then, I have not replied to any comments. I will try my best to do better and reduce speaking. Thanks for understanding.

Hot soul of the clown police just officially sold, and can not wait to open the handle to play for a while, for a long time without such an urgent desire to open the box. Maybe it's because of the charm of the clown itself, maybe it's because of interest in the scarce, mysterious brand of Burning Soul, maybe it's because of the beautiful layout, it's fun to play with, it's hard to stop, I think it's necessary to share the interesting discoveries in the process. A slightly deeper assessment.

First of all, the exquisite box came into view, really beautiful cover, intentionally, whether it is the painter or the designer of the burning soul, this first impression I give full marks. From the laser printed cardboard boxes, is a very full texture of the leather box, strong, heavy, safe, but certainly higher cost than the general brand packaging, this kind of serious treatment of their products feel the sincerity.

Open the package, characters, platform accessories are divided into two layers, are tightly wrapped by thick sponge mat, this careful attitude is proud of me. Careful observation, found that the accessories are quite rich, workmanship will be detailed, first look at the three head carvings, the type is very accurate, the clown's cunning, cynical, as well as the small subordinate's stubborn attitude are all depicted one by one, the charm of their respective performances are brilliant, is the soul of the scorching head carvings of the brand standards The work is done. Look down again. Metal handcuffs, playing cards, terraces, Garland rifles, 12 hand models and so on, all the elements that cling to the theme of the movie are complete.

Especially a small accessory in the box that caught my eye was a stainless steel bracelet, like the movie, a clown's accomplice, a bracelet that Schiff Thomas, who had been arrested for schizophrenia in the Arkham Psychiatric Hospital, deliberately showed to the double-faced prosecutor, which read "Office Officer Rachel" "Dao Si" is the name of the heroine, the heroine of the double faced triangle. And this badge, in the early HT DX01 inside the police uniform did not produce, the police's badge is a standard configuration for every police officer, there was no such detail committed obsessive-compulsive disorder regrettable friends have the opportunity to remedy.

That year, the "DX01" police uniform of the "gods" lacks the badge in the movie. (especially thanks to the photos of my friend chiyong1112 and Xianan in the forum I borrowed)

Next, I'll look closely and see how the hat badge and the badge are so textured. They are all made of stainless steel. The carving is very three-dimensional, and the Cap badges are radian. It's very much like the image in the movie. The copper nut is fixed behind and no longer glued. HTDX01's cap and badge is a thick plastic block. The shape and details are somewhat rough today. And watching the movie carefully, we found that HTDX01's clown police badge was not enough. The glare of the scorching soul is correct.


The Joker in the movie is six lines, not five lines. At present, the clown Police Cop in the market is only correct.

The badge and badge in the movie are so ~ ~

Next comes the butterfly knife, also made of stainless steel, which is made in the same scale as a real knife. It's exquisite. HTDX01 is equipped with plastic knives, and the appearance of metal is more textured.

The spring knife is also steel and heavy in hand. HTDX01 is also made of plastic.

Next on this watch, there is no special scene in the movie to see what brand the clown is wearing, but to be sure, he must be wearing it. Because clowns have a good taste. This watch looks like an IWC universal watch, a gold dial, a gold watch with the moon phase, and is beautifully made.

I've bought a couple of watches from each 1:6 brand. The unique thing about this watch is that it's not only exquisite, but its buckle is actually a structure of real watches! Most of the other manufacturers are Japanese buckles, but this is welded by very thin steel columns. Difficulty and ingenuity can be seen!

Another thing I noticed is that in the movie, there are GCPD four letter abbreviations on the left and right shoulder straps of the police uniform. (Gotham City Police Department, GCPD) and HTDX01 did not use this detail, replacing it with a yellow button. The Heating Soul uses a set of metal steel letters to fit in the corresponding position of the shoulder strap, which I appreciate in detail.

Every policeman's uniform in the movie is GCPD.

Match the brass bullet magazines of the garland concierge rifle. The bullets can be pulled out.

HTDX01 bullets

I found a thin black rope, which mimic the appearance of the film and stick to the police badge.

Next, after putting the chest tags, police badges, etc. on top of the uniform, I began to play happily. By the way, I did something to fasten the collar of the white shirt with a white thread. The effect came out. Soldiers are in charge. I also used the LOGO of the burning soul. Anyway, it's all your house.

Soldier toys have been developed for so many years, it is normal for players to compare different brands. After all, HTDX01 has been a product many years ago. It is not normal to have some shortcomings. Only by comparing can we promote the progress of manufacturers and make more exquisite toys, which will benefit players. Players with HTDX01 in their hands can also consider starting with the Heating Soul box, and it would be interesting to swap the parts inside. The plastid is excellent in mobility and joint stability, and all the pictures in the picture are done without the use of a stent based on plastid balance alone. The conclusion is that this is a valuable collection toy, which is worth starting.


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Re: 1/6 灼热之魂 小丑警察 Burning Soul(POLICE CUSTOMIZED EDITION)BSF-002


The following is my own fun, and the accessories inside are not all in this box.

One of the clown policemen's stories is "King Arthur discovered the sword in the stone".

Part two of the Japan police department drug enforcement police

Somehow, after I put Robin's belt and walkie-talkie on the clown in uniform, the whole style changed ~ like the style of the Japanese police ~~.

Thank you all
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