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Hello everyone, I am posting today not for me but for my brother. He is with the 96th Civil Affairs Battalion out of Ft Bragg, his team was recently deployed to Cambodia to perform Civil Affairs missions there to help out the wonderful people of Cambodia get on their feet. He sent me the following email and I thought I would post it on here to see if anyone would be willing to send what they can to assist the fine people of Cambodia. Thank You and my family appreciates any help you can give to the deserving people of Cambodia. Admins, please sticky this thread.

Huy Pham

Hi everyone,

It’s Hieu, Hope everyone is doing great. I’m still safe and still in Cambodia (plan to remain here for a while too). I have had a chance to travel in the last week (will continue for the next week) to transition to my new job here providing humanitarian assistance to the people of Cambodia; lots of work needs to be done here with very limited resources. The people here are very nice and welcoming. Everyone continues to speak Khmer to me because I look like an overfed Cambodian (especially with the nice tan I worked so hard for in Hawaii). The poverty here in the rural areas are worst than that of Iraq and anywhere else I have been. My predecessor has done a tremendous job but much work is still required. Just wanted to see if anyone could assist by collecting basic medical supplies, medicines, kids books (to help teach basic English) & toys for primary school aged for the villagers that I am working with here. Quantities would be as much as you can provide since I will be working throughout the country. I appreciate any help that everyone could provide. Please pass this request forward to any organizations that would be able to assist my work here. If you even know anyone that is coming through Cambodia and they have some type of medical, engineer, language skills and would be willing to help, please send them my way. I have never been more appreciative that I live in America. My address is:

American Embassy- Phnom Penh

PAT, Box P

APO AP 96546

God bless, Thanks everyone

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