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    On October 16, 1859, Abolitionist John Brown led a raid on the U.S. Arsenal at Harpers Ferry, Virginia. His intent was to capture the arms stored at the arsenal and start a slave revolt that would spread throughout the South. With a small party, he took hostages from the town. The expected...
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  4. Action Figure News, Reviews & Discussion.
    I've seen a lot of pictures of force recon, MEF, and FAST units wear flightsuits, but do other USMC units wear them sometimes? Pictures would be welcome. Thanks
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    It's been quite a while. In the time I've been gone life caught up with school and the Marines. I've finally EASed and returned to college. Just returned from my UDP to Okinawa and back in my art studio finally. For years, I've looked at Matt's M240 diorama in awe and in the past 2 years I've...
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    NEWS FROM THE FRONT Just a few more days till we touch down in Atlanta and get ready for the annual TOYLANTA show. One of our favorite shows to do each year, previewing new items, selling Elite Brigade and other items, and just hanging out with friends. Can't wait! For more info on Toylanta...
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    What’s goin on everyone, so I’ve looked all over the internet and what not to find the backpack that came with soldier story’s USMC at tarawa set and I haven’t had any luck. Does anyone have one they’d be willing to sell me? Or where I could find one. Any help will be very much appreciated. -z
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    Birthday Wishes go out to these Wayward Warriors--- KevHead, MENATARMS,G.I. Loc, Tracker47 (61), indyboba (54), Bulldog(53), toff, and USMC Maggot (35) Off to play Caption It! Here's the pic--- Now let's see those captions! :thumb
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    This was one of the figures that attracted me back into 1/6th collecting. On seeing pictures of the set it screamed quality and the array of accessories looked fantastic I have taken the plunge and tracked one down and will build it up over the next few days. I will post up pics and give my...
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    I've been watching reviews on YouTube for USMC figures by Dragon. I've noticed no rank insignia is present on the figures. Was this a common USMC practice, Dragon being lazy etc ?. Not being from the USA, I wondered if anyone had an answer ?. Many thanks for any help provided.
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    Had too many spare parts left over from STGCC USMC, so decided it's finally time to kit it up. So many things broke while doing this. Pleather peeling off with the boots, broke the MSOB nude foot peg, tore the sole of one of the boot, silly EOD-MU tan flightsuit is too freaking short. Not smooth...
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    It's time to post my 1/ 6 USMC M249 SAW gunner in Iraq 2003/ 2004. I bashed this figure with the following:- 1. Helmet/ Cover/ Camo/ NVG Mount & Goggles- DML with a little modification 2. Head sculpt- BBI 3. Com set- VHL 4. Body & hands- Unknown 5. Coyote Brown Vest/ Water Bottle with pouch/...
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    For my first OSW post, I thought it'd be cool to share a few in-box photos of a figure I picked up about a week ago: USMC MEF II by Hot Toys Finally decided it was time to pick up this bad larry after a good eight years of wanting him, and as my first true 1/6 scale military set, I honestly...
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    hi everyone, this is my lovely figure. full review : โมเดลทหาร SOLDIER STORY SS048 U.S.MARINES IN AFGHANISTAN 1/6 scale military action figures - YouTube my fb page ; โมเดลทหาร 1/6 Military Action Figures | Facebook
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    Hi Guys:nanana this is my second figure collection for 2017. Keep me in mind.
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    A firefight erupts as a Female Engagement Team LT arrives. Simple build with various parts I still had available. I used Angelica from the Sideshow Pirates of the Caribbean On Stranger Tides figure. I put her hair in a bun and used a rubber band to hold it together. If you look close, I molded...
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    I am currently seeking a "Mike Walker" USMC Tank Commander 70434. This figure was named after my Father-in-law that passed away this Christmas. I am trying to find some of these figures for all his grandkids so they will have something to keep to remember him by. Thank you for your time, Dustin
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    Hi-diddly-doodly! I thought I'd share my latest work, an M240-gunner in Fallujah, Iraq, during the second battle there in late 2004. I wanted to show how damn heavy those LMGs are, unlike how they are shown in lots of films - I hope that comes across somewhat. He's supposed to look tired and on...
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    "The Marine Corps fulfills a vital role in national security as an amphibious, expeditionary, air-ground combined arms task force, capable of forcible entry from the air, land, and sea. It is capable of asymmetric warfare with conventional, irregular, and hybrid forces. While the Marine...
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    It takes long time to set those 2 Marsoc box kits up, and add one M320 grenade launcher to team leader, actually DAM toys did a good job on these Marsoc box sets, except some manufacturing flaw, such as the shape of LBT6094, the jacket of operator. Anyway, I enjoyed this different style from...