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    Greetings friends, I have a question for you, I hope you can help me. I am starting to take commissions to repaint heads, my level is good, not reaching the level of hot toys. My problem is that I do not know how much to charge for the commission, I understand that it depends a lot on the scope...
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    铠儿模玩 Care TOYS 1:6 女忍者 飞鸟 &地台石灯场景 くノ一(Kunoichi) 厂商 :铠儿模玩 care toys メーカー :care toys Manufacturer: care toys 产品名称:女忍者 飞鸟 製品名:女忍 あすか Product name:Kunoichi Asuka 规格 1:6(约 26×5cm) サイズ 1:6( 約26×5cm) Specifications 1:6(about26×5cm) 其他 その他 Other ※照片上是官图样品。实际的商品会有稍许不一样的地方,还请您了解。...
1-2 of 2 Results