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    About 20 years ago I drug home my first man cave,it was a 10X40 mobile home from the 70's,pretty well shot when I got it but better then nothing,at the time I did HO scale model trains and the front 2/3 rds was a large double track layout,but I soon learned why model train layouts are usually in...
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    This figure was inspired by the Trailer for the new Netflix Film " The Outlaw King" which comes out 9 Nov. It depicts Robert the Bruce just after the Battle of Glen Trool. Chris Pine plays Robert the Bruce in the film and I have to say that judging by the Trailer he has done a great job on a...
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    They released the Welcome to a Marwen Trailer today -
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    I've gotten back to work on my 1/6th stuff,I finished the garage finally and wanted to get started on my street scene,but I just didn't have any room to work, I've been called a hoarder by many people,but the way I see it if it's something I might use down the road then it's not hoarding. This...
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    I thought this was pretty funny. Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus Collector's Edition - E3 2017 Reveal - YouTube
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    It could work? Maybe... :dunno
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    "Where's the bloody air force!"
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    Dang Gum!!
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    Hi everyone, here are some pics of my latest set of 1/6 DAK vehicles and figures. There is a DiD kettenkrad and trailer, a 21st Century Kettenkrad with a Dragon trailer, and a 21st century motorcycle and side car combination. There are 7 figures all told here, bodies and head sculpts are a mix...
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1-20 of 21 Results