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    The "BeMaul" series attempts to picture a future world, in which the human civilization has, after tens of thousands of years of gradual degradation, fallen out of the natural circle of life. Tortured by endless wars, the human race is dwindling in number and no longer capable of nation...
  2. Action Figure News, Reviews & Discussion.
    BOBO STUDIO: 1/6 KINGSMAN - 男特工 可动人偶 服装及配件介绍 头雕及身体附件: ★ 头雕x1颗 ★ 素体 x1个 (身高约31厘米) ★ 手型 x8只 ★ 人偶支架 x1座 服装: ★ 西服x1套 ★ 衬衫x1 ★ 领带x1 ★ 袜子x1双 ★ 皮鞋x1双 ★ 腰带x1 ★ 风衣x1 配件: ★ 手鎗x1 ★ 匕首x1 ★ 雨伞x1 ★ 手表x1 ★ 眼镜x1 ★ 戒指x1 BOBO STUDIO 1/6 KINGSMAN COLLECTIBLE FIGURE PRODUCT LIST FIGURE FEATURES: HEAD SCULPT...
1-2 of 2 Results