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    I need to dirty up the pants and the leggings, he's missing some odds and ends still.
  2. Mad Dogs Kit

    Camo painted M16, Pilots model 38., 38. special Victory model. Cut down Ithaca shotgun. Pilots knife, SOG bowie.
  3. One Zero "mad Dog"

    I based this guy off of the legendary Jerry "Mad Dog" Shriver. His confirmed kills was over 100 enemy soldiers. The man who should have been awarded 3 medals of honor. I gave him two 38. pistol, Shriver was known two carry more than one pistol
  4. One-zero Acting As One-two (radio Man)

    I gave this guy a 9mm Swedish K, a custom painted 9mm Browning High Power to have ammo commonalty. Also I made a custom SOG recon knife which was made in limited numbers during Vietnam, instead of the SOG bowie that most of the other team members use
  5. One Zero "snatcher"

    I based this guy off of Bob Howard. The most highly decorated service member in the United States Army. Note the NVA officers belt, he got off his last prisoner snatch. Note the suppressed sten gun he uses to wound the prisoner before moving on them.
  6. One Zero Rear Guard

    Note the AK folder and CHICOM chestrig. If he had to engage an NVA soldier, everyone would hear an AK firing. If they saw him, they would see the Chicom chestrig and AK and would be slightly confused. Also note the cut down M79
  7. Sog Team Laos 1969

    SOG team comprised of Americans, Montagnards, and Chinese Nung mercenaries. Going into Laos for a snatch mission. All of the Americans are one-zeros (team leaders)
1-10 of 10 Results