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    Aside from maybe some Mr. bean heads (and maybe some Figure Toy Company heads) are there any head sculpts commonly available that look fairly comic, slightly exaggerated, very expressive? I'm familiar with the Dam Toys Gangster Kingdom heads, but they are mostly angry looking. Sean
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    铠儿模玩 Care TOYS 1:6 女忍者 飞鸟 &地台石灯场景 くノ一(Kunoichi) 厂商 :铠儿模玩 care toys メーカー :care toys Manufacturer: care toys 产品名称:女忍者 飞鸟 製品名:女忍 あすか Product name:Kunoichi Asuka 规格 1:6(约 26×5cm) サイズ 1:6( 約26×5cm) Specifications 1:6(about26×5cm) 其他 その他 Other ※照片上是官图样品。实际的商品会有稍许不一样的地方,还请您了解。...
  3. Action Figure News, Reviews & Discussion.
    It might seem like the world of sixth scale is all Marvel and Star Wars these days, but it's not. Sideshow has just released a character from one of their slightly (but only slightly) off beat licenses, Ash Williams from Evil Dead 2. This is an excellent release for them, hampered mostly from a...
1-3 of 3 Results