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    It must be an awful feeling to be in the middle of a melee of horsemen and suddenly you drop your saber. There are no "time outs" in mounted warfare. To prevent just such an occurrence, the US Army issued leather saber knots to it's mounted arm. The knot - a leather strap with a tasseled end...
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    Back in 1973, when I was a young collector, someone showed me a magazine and I quickly got a copy It was Guns & Ammo Complete Guide to Black Powder, and I still have that copy and still refer to it on a number of topics. I just try not to look at the prices for replica guns because it makes me...
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    空灵阁新品:1/6 明朝系列 辽东铁骑 蒙古族士兵(#KLG-R014) 配件清单: 1. 蒙古族士兵头雕 x1 2. 素体 x1 3. 手型 x3 4. 内衣 x1 5. 中衣 x1 6. 裤子 x1 7. 胶靴...
1-3 of 3 Results