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russian colonial marines
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    I made this eye piece out of a bread twist tie and a water bottle tab. I wish I had the ability to make it light up, or to put working lights on him...
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    Worked REALLY hard on this! This is a patch for my custom 1:6 colonial Marine paratroopers. The 5th Marine Paratrooper Division "Hell Divers". How did I do guys!
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    This is my version of the Russian smart gunner. The back story to his equipment. The Russians government has fallen. Like the old soviet Union did in the 90's. This is 5 years after the previous government has fallen. The ones who took it on the chin the most was the military. Most of their...
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    Ok guys I would like to make new patch of my Russian Colonial Marines Paratroopers. If you guys can design one and post it on this thread. I will give you credit for it. I am very stumped on how to design one. Thanks for the help guys!
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    Well I just finished this guy off today! If you notice he does not have a camera. That is, because I went with the concept that, because he is a sharpshooter/sniper. He needs to cut down on every bit of weight he can. Also, because a lot of russian electronics are easily hackable. He does not...
1-5 of 5 Results