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    my scratch built Huey tributes to the RAAF BUSH RANGERS IN VIETNAM And to the 174th squadron shaka Mexican express
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    Well got one of these and now ordered more. CrazyFigure truly have shown how to do it with 1/12 clothed figures. This is essentially a 1/6 scale figure Shrunk to 6 inches tall. The level of detail easily gives Damtoys a run for their money. Uniform material is just perfect. Thin enough not to...
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    If I wanted a sixth scale NHL hockey rink of the New York Rangers, full scale. How large would it be? Not good at math. As you can tell.
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    See subject. Obviously not identified by name for obvious reasons by the 1:6 brand. Red and Green thus far. No idea/status on the others.
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    I had recently bought me a 1/6 White Ranger. I had left over spending money to pay a buddy of mine for diorama scenes to use to make a set.[ATTACH=CONFIG]382974[/ATTACH Any recommendations for what 1/6 to buy next? Currently have all 6 original Mighty Morphin Power Rangers being made and will...
1-5 of 6 Results