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    The UAPD [Utilitarian All Purpose Droid] K Series units were particularly reliable with some still in service after 50 years. Rarely if parts did wear out or there was accidental damage, parts were replaced. After the manufacture of the K Series stopped, parts came from recycling companies. It...
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    This is my annual visit to our local Comicon, and the main purpose is to eyeball the Hot Toys figures! Black Panther figures Past Iron-Man offerings The latest Iron-Man rereleases My favourite Iron-Man POed! Vulture PS4 Spider-Men PS4 Arkham Knight figures Battle Angel...
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    I say pushing the boundaries as I wanted to set myself the task of 3D designing two droids that would fold. There were designed in Tinkercad and printed in SLS. The rationale, I guess, behind that is that they would fold for storage in terms of saving space. Indeed whether that be for when not...
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    Easy&Simple 06013 M240L 7.62mm Light Weight General Purpose Machine Gun
1-4 of 5 Results