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  1. Non 1/6 Figures, Toys and Related Products
    Has anyone had any luck in picking up the new GIJ figures? The usual suspects around my house (Target, WalMart) are doing a poor job of stocking them. I was fortunate enough to pick up Roadblock, Duke, Scarlett and Snake-Eyes from the first wave, after searching far and wide. Destro was nowhere...
  2. Action Figure News, Reviews & Discussion.
    With a flaming forest of birthday candles atop his cake is--- Toyfan (47) Happy Birthday! :thumb Waiting for a Skyhook pick up--- MisterToy (55) and Sidearm (40)
  3. Action Figure News, Reviews & Discussion.
    Ive just recently got into the French Indochina War and have put some figures together. Something that has eluded me is the distinctive white Kepi. Doesn't anyone know where I could pick one of these up? Or is there a tutorial posted on how to make one that I haven't stumbled across? Thanks
  4. Action Figure News, Reviews & Discussion.
    Guys was he supposed to be a SEAL TEAM 6 guy? Anybody ever find the reference pick that dragon used for this figure? Any info would be great
  5. Action Figure News, Reviews & Discussion.
    I am looking for a black widow ScarJo head on eBay but I'm not sure which to pick and am worried that the heads won't look like they do in the pictures for the listings. Most of the listings are all using the same pictures and a lot of them say from China, so you can see why I would be hesitant...
  6. Action Figure News, Reviews & Discussion.
    A few months ago I ordered the new Aragorn head and the 'Laura' set and body from Asmus. This was no big deal, I paid the deposit and then the full invoice , which unfortunately came after I had just had my car serviced. Now I have to go to the Parcelforce depot to pick it up Partly because I...
  7. Action Figure News, Reviews & Discussion.
    does anyone have a good refrence pick of the overcoat that came with Dragons Coldstream guard figure?
  8. Loose Bits (Off Topic)
    No delivery. Must pick up from Mideast location. Buy Your Own Private Air Force for Just $200,000 David
1-8 of 9 Results