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    TBLeague 1/6th Super-Flexible Male Seamless Body - M36 Item No:PL2018-M36 Bar Code:697 127233 015 4 时隔半年,又一力作! 依照篮球运动员体格研发,TBLeauge推出首款球星素体-M36!33.5cm(带头测量)的身高, 颀长精健,肩宽、腰细、臀窄,肌肉呈长条状,线条清晰,轮廓协调,健硕而不笨重, 咖啡肤色更现结实,兼具灵活与爆发力。 注:只售素体,其余不含。 Hooray! We have another powerful member, M36, joined our big...
1-1 of 1 Results