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    Hello, sorry if this should be elsewhere, but the customs section seems to be gathering dust. I've got a couple of old sideshow female bucks with assorted problems. Aside from the notoriously loose joints, which I've stiffened up with a drop of glue, one has a snapped of arm at the bicep...
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    CYBER TUESDAY! WE'RE MAKING IT A THING And we've made the savings even better. For one more day - 24 more hours - use coupon code CYBERTUESDAY35 to save 35% on all the loose gear we have left. Double reward points? You're still earning them AND we still have select mint in box figures for...
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    Hello, i've bought a used (pre owned) Iron Man Mk VII in perfect conditions, the only bad thing are the loose elbows, any ideas to strenght them?
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    Hey All, Get the best of the best loose gear available to customize that just right figure today! Our sale ends tomorrow at midnight so don't delay! Thanks for shopping at World of One Sixth! Eddie
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    I have a FOV 1/16 King Tiger. Parts inside the turret have come loose, so I have the following two questions: 1. How do you remove the turret basket from the turret? 2. Does anyone have photos of the turret's interior so I can see where the loose parts belong? I've asked these questions on...
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    I always wanted the BBI desert SASR Sgt.Barney, and while he can be found loose, I missed out on him originally. I may bring myself to get him one day as he's not too expensive at tge right place. However... Going through the in-store loose bins at toy anxiety I found his pistol, harness, and...
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    This is just a curiosity based question. I buy lots of loose gear from Ebay and multiple sites. I've always wondered where so much loose gear, weapons and body parts come from? How do these companies acquire them? For instance I'll go to a website and I'll see multiple boxed figures for sell but...
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    12% off Loose Gear & Mint in Box with: FREEZE12 Shop Now!
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    I had a novel idea earlier. How awesome would it be if Monkey Depot or Black Ops toys did a loot box subscription service for loose part? Loot boxes are all the rage right now for anything from food to those dreadful Pop Vinyl figures and I think loose parts would be a perfect fit. What do you...
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    See subject. Back in the day from 1998 through about 2005, there was at times an abundance of newly released 1:6 offerings and prices were very reasonable where buying multiples were the norm for some collectors. WHY? One to open. One to cannibalize for parts. One to keep MIB/NRFB. These...
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    OK, this week is my quarterly dusting week for my hobby room and display cabinets so I thought I'd snap a few very quick pics of some of the figures in my cabinets while they were out in more direct lighting. First up is my "Marvel Universe" cabinet characters. Most of these are bashes using...
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    hi i'm hoping someone can give me some advice I bought a ZY toys female body and a pair of claw hands for her but 2 hands are not usable, and 2 are loose how can I fix this thanks
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    Tons of new figures have been loaded! Sale starts now! UP TO 40% off Loose Gear. Hidden RARE items are loaded throughout the Site. You just have to look. "]IN-STOCK! Dam Toys Female Russian Airborne Troops Natalia "]IN-STOCK! Female PMC Tactical Shooter "]IN-STOCK! Gangsters Kingdom Side...
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    Memorial Day SALE! The Best Prices of the Year on Loose Parts and Boxed figures! 100 Rare Figures Have Been Reloaded! Mint in Box Figures Are On A Crazy Crazy Sale! Navy Seal Loose Parts! Offer Ends 05/31/2017 at 11:00 AM Pacific time. Spend More - Save More Code: THANKYOUVETS - $5.00 off...
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    I'm looking for ideas to repair or improve loose upper torso joints. I'm experiencing it on two figures: a Kaustic (first gen) and ACI (Christian). They tend to want to flop forwards or backwards with the slightest touch....even looking at it too hard. Lol. Anyway, they both seem to be...
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    Heads:Painted from Tony's Loose: mainly from Dragon, BBI,DID, shoes from BGT,SS
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    Dear all I've been looking for loose heads from any of DAM's 3 honor guard figures, but it seems not even the figures are being carried outside of Asia, let alone loose parts. I wonder if any of our Chinese speaking members have seen them parted out and if you could send me a link? Thanks!
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    Hello All Im looking to build up a couple more figures out of spare parts to crew my HMMWV . I have a modern SF guy from Flagset that the joints are too loose for my taste , he can barley stand up . I want to swap his body to one of the Humvee crew since they will be either in or hanging onto...
1-19 of 19 Results