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    A Lion in scale 1:6: 1/6 Scale African Lion deep color - S.P.A.C.E - Generally spoken an African Lion could be an interesting model in 1:6 scale but seeing this version I could imagine a more realistic one...
  2. Action Figure News, Reviews & Discussion.
    POPTOYS 1/6 F30 动物COSPLAY女装 狮子Lion 套装 本品不含图中人偶素体及头雕,仅为服装配件。 本品适用于PHICEN钢骨包胶大胸女素体。 配置清单: F30-A 狮子装 带帽毛绒马甲*1 毛绒抹胸*1 毛绒短裙*1(带尾巴) 毛绒护袖*2 毛绒护腿*2 POPTOYS 1/6 F30 Animal COSPLAY Suit - Lion VER. The figure body and head are not included in the product. The suit is suitable for PHICEN large breast...
1-2 of 2 Results