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    8-9 years old and dusty. That’s a robot head not a helmet. It’s a small plastic jar that had a threaded cap. It lights up and you can see the wires inside the goggles. Some fun with the I phone 12 camera settings.
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    This also lights up around the chest. Yes those are real spider webs, just came out of storage. I’m leaving them.
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    Hello, First, I suppose I should introduce myself in the new members forum, but I must confess I haven't yet, and I am new here so this would be my first post! (I think I will still intro myself eventually, haha, just wasn't sure if anyone actually reads those very often.) So right of the bat...
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    Hi everybody, I have just received a set of 1/6 scale Sideshow/hot toys C3PO and R2D2 figures. These are very very cool figures. Lets start with C3PO The finish on this figure is superb, and very realistic 8) The arms have limited movement but I believe this to be true to the costume, and...
1-4 of 4 Results