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    I got tired of not being able to find what I wanted online so I've taken to just making it, and it's gotten a bit carried away with the jewelry bit. First attempt was with 3mm pearls, and I made a garnet pendant to go with it (and been working on circlets and crowns too) Found smaller beads...
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    TITTOYS 1/6 NO.TT012 阵羽织(服饰) 清单: 阵羽织*1 兜裆布*1 注意:图片中人偶与配件为效果展示,不包括在产品中。 ------------------------------------------------------- TITTOYS 1/6 NO.TT012 Fight kimono (vest) Fight kimono (vest)*1 g-string*1 Note: puppets and accessories are displayed in the picture, not included in the product.
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    See subject. Doll's Dream 1:6 Japanese Kimono (Five Styles) --
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    I recently bought my first Kumik head. (13-31np) In the product photos there are a lot that I like, so I was curious to see one for myself. But I had heard some people having problems or not liking them. The one that I got looks fine. It's actually an attractive face. However, it doesn't quite...
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    I am just curious about a piece of fabric that comes with the Shi kimono. I bought it from M.D. Not sure what it is used for. It is a piece of fabric about 11"x4" The fabric has the same print as the obi (waist belt) Maybe it's another obi that is tied instead of using the velcro one with the...
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    Though this girl is 1:5, but it's worth giving her a try~~~ Taking photos for 3 hours, aren't I perverted????[/align] "Mama, I'm full~~~" {:soso__5763430473914486412_4:} [/font]~~~~ A Japanese babe should have a Japanese Sword~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Her ultimate weapon is her...
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    ------------------------ DIE ON THE OTHER DAY~~~~ ----------------- DAY 3 USING SONG 5N..... "It's stuffy today, isn't it~~~" ------------- No PS... 跳呀跳~~~{:soso__13287652843736708018_4:} Beyond limit~~~ I like SNAKE, and this' s weak...
1-7 of 10 Results