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  1. Front Page News
    Preorder Spotlight Giant Robo & Mobile Suit: [*=left]AA Gokin Mazinkaiser by Arcadia [*=left]Sofubi Toy Box Hi-Line 004 Getter 1 by Kaiyodo [*=left]Sofubi Toy Box Hi-Line 005 Getter 1 (Evil Color) by Kaiyodo [*=left]FW Gundam Converge EX18 Ex-S Gundam by Bandai [*=left]1/100 RE/100 AMX-103...
  2. Non 1/6 Figures, Toys and Related Products
    I always wanted one of those Predators produced by Hot Toys, but I couldn't afford them. Maybe if I stop buying all those Metal Gear action figures by Play Arts, I probably could. Anyway, I saw this Predator on sale and got it for $40. Not bad for a fully articulated action figure. And it's...
1-2 of 2 Results