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    Hi-diddly-doodly! I thought I'd share my latest work, an M240-gunner in Fallujah, Iraq, during the second battle there in late 2004. I wanted to show how damn heavy those LMGs are, unlike how they are shown in lots of films - I hope that comes across somewhat. He's supposed to look tired and on...
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    Hi everyone! I would like to show a dio that my brother and I did last week. Our figures are world peacekeepers. The uniforms don't match but we will fix this soon. My brother made the insurgents clothes last minute, but I think he did a great job. More pictures in this link (so this thread...
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    Here is my Iraqi Republican Guard. I Hope you like it:
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    SPECIAL AIR SERVICE MOBILITY TROOP PATROL COMMANDER Gulf War, Iraq, 1991 Here's a figure I have been working on and managed to finish over the weekend. He is based on an SAS trooper from Mobility Troop during the Gulf War, 1991. Hope you like him... Thanks for looking! Please feel free to...
1-4 of 7 Results