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    Are there any size charts online that show Hot Toys, Very Hot, etc, nude body size/height comparisons? Sean
  2. Action Figure News, Reviews & Discussion.
    This one has me stumped. It is an early Hot Toys 2001-ish type body with "Fox" copyright stamp on leg. The headsculpt resembles Mel Gibson? I'm sure I'm missing something so incredibly obvious, but please help. Thanks!
  3. Action Figure News, Reviews & Discussion.
    It's been awhile since a Hot Toys pre-order converted for me, and I'm happy to finally have Nebula in my hot little hands! Check out my review here: Review and photos of Nebula Avengers Endgame sixth scale action figure or you can find it with the rest of them at the usual: Captain Toy...
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    i have a sorta rhetorical question. is it just me or did the price of the hot toys black panther just skyrocket on secondary markets? or am i just seeing things.
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    I found her, ordered her, got her in the mail. Yeah,,, the body needs to be swapped out. Has anybody ever done it? If so, what should I be cautious with? The zipper on her back looks like it was sealed with the companies hot glue gun. Any way if anyone has any tips for me, I'm reading... thanks.
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    I am trying to remove the plug from the bottom of my hot toys black widow sculpt. besides dremeling, is there any other methods? Thanks
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    If I have the REY TLJ lightsaber arm will it work with any hot toys female body such as black widow or scarlet witch? Or is the body specially designed?
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    Hello, I have bought some Hot Toys Romanian AK-47s (with its characteristic folding stock) and some DamToys AK-74Ms. I wanted to put the Romanian stocks to the AK74s as a part of the work to convert the 3 Russian AK-74Ms into Croatian AK-74s as those used in the War in the Balkans. This stock...
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    I'm always looking for spare Hot Toys parts and pieces. What are your best sources to find 1:6 scale parts and accessories?
  10. Action Figure News, Reviews & Discussion.
    hi, my new kitbash with ACE body, ACE bdu, all others parts are from Hot Toys. Best regards.
  11. Action Figure News, Reviews & Discussion.
    On Ebay there's a 1/6 Iron Man Mark VI figure from "Play Toys." I can't tell the difference between it and Hot Toys and suspect it may be some unauthorized rip-off, but before anyone gets some pitch forks and torches please strongly bear in mind I don't know. I've had enough contact with...
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    Hi Guys, I don't know what came over me this last year end of 2019, but I over splurged through the last quarter of 2019. There was the 11.11 Taobao sale, then Black Friday, and then the 12.12 Taobao sale. Prior to all that, I was hooked into building some Final Fantasy characters. Must be the...
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    BLAST FROM THE PAST GI Joe / Classic Collection Delta Soldier w/35th Anniversary Patch Released in 1999. 35th Anniversary. This set includes: Limited Edition 35th Anniversary Patch, Classic Collection Caucasian GI Joe figure, Black balaclava, Black ballistic Helmet, Goggles, Assault vest...
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    It's time to check out another member of the Justice League - Aquaman! Based on his appearance in the earlier film, this Hot Toys release adds another key DC movie figure to the shelf: Review and photos of Aquaman Justice League sixth scale action figure You can also find the review at the...
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    Wishing these OSWers a Happy Birthday--- Dave70b (50), Akmal3110, benzheung, and CorranJ (47) Hope y'all had awesome days! :thumb Thundering about the wild--- Ichimo31, Java959 (52), cosmicbaby (49), KALASHsixtynine, The_Last_Writer, Kuroi (44), TheRenCapt (51), Mahseer (49), cortex112...
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    I just recently gotten into the hobby. Here's my Hot Toys Tech Noir and Phicen M35
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    BLAST FROM THE PAST Vintage Action Man Special Team Ground Assault C-7/8 box, this includes: Camoflage combat Suit; Balaclava; Helmet w/visor & communicator; Gauntlets; Boots; Webbing and pouch; Water bottle; Rifle; Bayonet and scabbard; Haversack and ladder BUY NOW! WEEKLY SPECIAL...
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    Been quite a while since mylast post, but here we go. This is actually a repaint commission done by a talented friend of mine (RK Designs Studio - Home | Facebook) on Hot Toys T700 Endoskeleton (MMS94). I always wanted the original Hot Toys T800 Endoskeleton which was way too expensive back...
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    NEWS FROM THE FRONT Earlier this week, fellow Joehead Paul Tellez released a photo-tutorial of how he took one of our Cybernetic Explorers and enhanced it with LED lights. This was too good not to share with the rest of our customer base. Click HERE to check it out. You won't be disappointed...
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    Just thought you might want to see the photos from the San Diego Comic Con 2019, if you haven't seen it yet from anywhere else. The links as follows: Hot Toys SDCC2019 - HOTTOYS?? ???????BBICN - Powered by Discuz! and others SDCC 2019 ??????????? ?? - Sideshow/Blitzway/Iron Studios?????BBICN...
1-20 of 158 Results