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    [[[ Sculpt4eveR ]]] {Hannibal} Mads Mikkelsen {Death Stranding} Cliff 1/6 head sculpt hi my 1/6 Hannibal Mads Mikkelsen heads are ready to pre-order check the photos here 1. S1 Hannibal : sculptforever - Photos | Facebook 2. S3 Hannibal : sculptforever - Photos | Facebook 3. {Death Stranding}...
  2. Action Figure News, Reviews & Discussion.
    (Sculpt4eveR) {Hannibal} Will Graham - Hugh Dancy 1. unpainted head... 2. painted head... expected delivery time : 2018 end of June... let me know if you are interested...please email me... e-mail : [email protected] more photos : sculptforever - Photos | Facebook
  3. Front Page News
    Bluefin, the North American distributor for Blitzway, announces new details on their new line of 1/6 Scale Hannibal Lecter Action Figures. Two poseable figures are scheduled for release in the First Quarter of 2018 and will be available from authorized Bluefin retailers nationwide and also from...
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    CLICK HERE FOR A BLITZWAY SDCC PHOTO GALLERY TOUR! In addition to their sexy Basic Instinct Sharon Stone Statue (see HERE), Blitzway stunned San Diego Comic-Con goers with a new 1/6th scale Dr. Hannibal Lecter figure. Based on his look from the Academy Award-winning Silence of the Lambs, the...
1-4 of 4 Results