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  1. Non 1/6 Figures, Toys and Related Products
    Hi All, GI-JOE, Adventure Team. Secret of the Mummy's Tomb 1:12 scale. Figure - The body/hands/boots are from a DamToys German SS officer and the head is from a Hasbro 6" BS Death Star Trooper which has had a beard and small scare added using putty. The belt/holster/binoculars are from the...
  2. Action Figure News, Reviews & Discussion.
    I made these a little over a year ago. A 6"CISO knife (one of the 3 variants) Randall type Mk1 Fighting Knife and a 7" CISO Recon Knife. I like the look of the handles but, to make them is time consuming and extremely finicky. The process i came up with back then was to superglue small pieces...
  3. Action Figure News, Reviews & Discussion.
    This is something that I put together this week. My daughter got a new desk that I got to put together and the foam inserts were just too good to throw away. I glued them onto a wood base and trimmed them with a foam cutter. I glued some planks down and added texture, base coat of paint and...
1-3 of 4 Results