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    Well, I recently got inspired to do some 30s pulp era style Adventurer/explorer kitbash or something Dieselpunk, taking inspiration from stuff like "Hollow Earth Expedition" RPG, Indiana Jones, the Brandon Fraser "The Mummy" movies and the like and was wondering where I could find proper...
  3. Loose Bits (Off Topic)
    Howdy fellow OSWer’s. Michael Skram II here, with a question about some of the civie gear, as seen on the television show SEAL Team. This question may already have been asked, but I did not see a thread – so here goes. In some of the episodes both the David Boreanaz character ( Jason Hayes )...
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    While perusing some of the Facebook groups that I belong to but rarely visit, I saw something that I thought was quite interesting. Apparently there is a new group/company out there working on prototypes for 1:6 1960s era British uniforms and gear. That's not my usual niche but as I have an...
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    I need some help identifying some modern stuff I received in a lot off of eBay (see photos below). The stuff appears to be DAM/Hot Toys/Soldier Story grade stuff, but I've no real clue who made it or what specifically it is. Any help is appreciated! Fred Gear: I have two sets bagged...
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    DAM and D&K IDF Gear - Reviews - Armed Figures
  7. Action Figure News, Reviews & Discussion.
    has anyone ever custom made some? any ideas? lookin to outfit a viet nam war medic, also any leads were I can purchase some medical gear for his bag? thanks for the help
41-48 of 82 Results