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    We Wish these Absentee Warriors a Happy Birthday--- OneZeroSOG (57) and DEVGRU 7.62 (40) Now here's a Fascinating Fact: US Army and German Wehrmacht forces fought side by side against the Waffen-SS during WWII at the Battle of Castle Itter.
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    A work in progress to mark a now-missed anniversary: My American Expeditionary Forces doughboy for the 100th anniversary of the end of World War I: November 11th, 1918 I would have posted him on the 11th, but I was marking the occasion with a whole row of French 75s, Casablanca style: On to...
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    DAMTOYS 由中国人民解放军八一电影制片厂授权制作的 1/6比例 正义红师系列 中国人民解放军特种部队 "响箭" (NO.78048 )现已正式推出,谢谢您的关注与支持。 ########################################## DAMTOYS 1/6 中国人民解放军特种部队 - "响箭" 可动人偶 DAM 78048 BAR CODE: 6970569629865 仿真头雕 DAM 2.0可动素体 武器握持手形手套手掌 X3 握拳手形手套手掌 高裁切防弹头盔 防护眼镜 头盔连接防护眼镜 单兵夜视仪 夜视仪头盔支架 头盔摄像头 SF盔灯...
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    First post in a while. I'm not really into 1/6 much these days - between costs and the subject matters that do (or don't) see releases anymore, but I pulled these parts out of a tub and weathered it all up. American forces in the 90s-mid 2000s are still some of my favourite subjects...
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    guys during the first gulf war was the shemagh popular with are special forces units? also as far as weapons for green berets and delta operators would the weapons used in Blackhawk down by delta operators work for spec forces and delta guys? thanks for the help
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    Well I know this is really not a joking matter but it was the image the headline conjured up that tickled me. Those dashed sneaky Barbies getting on board a plane to sabotage it but hey I can see them getting captured just as the are setting the charges by a special forces squad of 1/6th action...
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    Hi Guys :clap 3 years already I'm crazy about this hobby. :knock To celebrate this, a small teaser of an outdoor photo session, dedicated solely to French Special Forces,... and made in my garden. More pics will follow soon. :popcorn We have fun as much as we can. :dunce :thanks for hosting...
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    Hi Guys :clap I present you my latest creation : One operator from a Western Special Forces Unit in low profile observing the airstrikes in SYRIA. I noticed him in this video : Some reference pictures here : That's what it's all about. :dancing Thank you for reading and enjoy it...
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    Horse Soldiers is an upcoming American war drama film directed by Nicolai Fuglsig and written by Peter Craig and Ted Tally. It is based on a non-fiction book of same name by Doug Stanton, about the CIA agents and U.S. Special Forces sent to Afghanistan right after the September 11 attacks. The...
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1-10 of 11 Results