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    So these Roaming Warriors have birthdays today--- GIJOE1968MSN (51), wangerbanger (46), and Philip Marlowe (31) We wish them a Happy Birthday! :thumb Now did you know that the pulsejet engine used to power the V-1 flying bomb also powered an experimental attack boat code named Tornado? It was...
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    Alert Line界线玩模 :1/6 二战英国皇家空军 - 战斗机飞行员 Alert Line : 1/6 WWII Royal Air Force - Fighter Pilot 预计2018年 第2季度上市 ALer Line1/6 NO:AL100019 ------------------------------------- 清单: 1 头雕*1/Headsculpture*1 2 DAM素体*1/DAM Action Bady*1 3 手型*2双/Hands *2 4 军官大檐帽*1/RAF Visor Cap *1 5 空军制服上衣*1/RAF...
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    I need help identifying the aviator goggles and flying helmet that Pappy Boyington is shown wearing in the picture below. I have googled but none of the standard goggles seem to match these. Same for the helmet. What I'm really hoping to find is color reference photos that I can send to a...
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    Tipping the Birthday hat to Wish a Happy Birthday to this Warrior--- denzylkoh (47) Now who wants to go flying? :thumb
1-4 of 4 Results