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  1. Custom Tips & Techniques
    I need help a little for my 1/6 Tbleague Luke Hobbs. It just things like How to color the skin on the Tbleague How would I do this?
  2. Action Figure News, Reviews & Discussion.
    I have two specific questions that I am hoping someone can help me out with. 1. Does anyone know the difference between Jiaou Doll 09F and 10E bodies? I noticed that 09F the feet are seamless whereas 10E has removable feet but is there any difference in the body shape/type? 2. Does anyone have...
  3. Action Figure News, Reviews & Discussion.
    Here is an attempt to color match using a X-Rite color chart. Also to compare various bodies I got. After the initial color match using the chart, I adjusted the overall color to match the color temperature of around 5500K white light. When I place the figure in front of my ring light, it looks...
  4. Action Figure News, Reviews & Discussion.
    (From bbicn via google translator) Narrow shoulders, long legs, waist, displaying perfect girl body S34 & S35 - two kinds of color (pale skin, suntan skin), respectively coupled with different head sculpt. S34A & S35A - seamless body without head sculpt. Both options come with a gift bikini...
  5. Action Figure News, Reviews & Discussion.
    Hi Everyone! So recently, i purchased through Aliexpress this particular head. But it is very blueish and doesn't seem to fit the Phicen S09C Pale. I heard people mention that Super Duck heads generally match the color of pale bodies but clearly this head is too blue unlike the product image...
  6. Action Figure News, Reviews & Discussion.
    These Marines don't get in fire fights instead they fight fires. They turn out in silvered flame proximity gear and air packs. This set of gear was produced by Hasbro in the 90's and compared to photos it was pretty well researched. The air tank was produced in a bright yellow color in...
  7. Action Figure News, Reviews & Discussion.
    hello anybody i got a question i bought two phicen head sculpts one a spartan warrior first edition and a redsonjia first edition looking at them they seam a little more tan than what the pictures showed is that the original color to them and i would like to know what right color of phicen...
  8. Action Figure News, Reviews & Discussion.
    guys this is from the movie the Wind and the lion, what color would you say the Marines hats are? to me they look light grey,
  9. Action Figure News, Reviews & Discussion.
    guys were can I find some hightop football shoes or just high tops, black in color, thanks for the help, this is for a future bash
  10. Custom Tips & Techniques
    Hello fellow collectors, a quick question if I may. Can someone please tell me what color the sandbag used during the Vietnam War was? I saw pictures of dark green ones (nylon?) and the brown like ones used in the previous wars. Which is more historically correct for the year 1968? I tried...
  11. Custom Tips & Techniques
    Hey All - Need help with figuring out how to add color to the surface of my phicen seamless figure. Specifically, I’m hoping to darken the nipples, which have almost no detectable shading at all. Question is this: what’s the right product / method to do this?
  12. Action Figure News, Reviews & Discussion.
    wanted to try this for a while ,and gave in seamless Arnold type body ,clasic plastik boot id had for years ,and a knock off rock head sculpt ,just cause i thought it had the right sort of look ,it was bald ,and im lazy :lol first tried staining it with red ink for base color ,not bad but...
  13. Action Figure News, Reviews & Discussion.
    I changed the body to a lighter color, to match the head. It is a half-rubber body. All armors are worn on the body. Phicen is not advised, as the armor cannot fit nicely onto it, and it will caused color bleached, not to mention ugly lines that will occur on the phicen. The Armor makes it not...
  14. Action Figure News, Reviews & Discussion.
    TBLeague 1/6 DELUXE Lady Death: Death's Warrior V2 Action Figure with Base and Throne Item No.: PL2017-104A Bar Code: 0614614988571 Product Height: 28.5cm Product Scale: 1:6 Packaging: One packaging is made up of a color box, a polyfoam container and some polyfoam, two cardboards, and...
  15. Action Figure News, Reviews & Discussion.
    Trying out some ideas for a color scheme, sun was shining so I thought I would take some shots.
  16. Action Figure News, Reviews & Discussion.
    I have a Triad Toys "Ghost" figure and I want to change the hair color. Does anyone have any ideas on how to do that?
  17. Action Figure News, Reviews & Discussion.
    品牌: HaoYuToys 产品编号:ZH-009 HaoYuToys 1/6单人沙发 - 全新升级版 共四款清单: 材质-搪胶*ABS 重量-426g 尺寸-182mm*113mm*224mm ************************************************** HAOYUTOYS 1/6 Single Sofa 2.0 - 4 color List: Material - VINYL*ABS weight - 426g size-182mm*113*224mm
1-17 of 23 Results