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  1. Front Page News
    BlackOpsToys has an amazing deal for you on the Mark Forester CCT Mint in Box. Right now it's 24% off, but use MFJAG28 at checkout and get an extra $25 off! Plus we Reloaded a bunch of Vietnam figures! -Brian and the BlackOps Team $25.00 off Mark Forester CCT Mint in Box with this code...
  2. Action Figure News, Reviews & Discussion.
    Hi Guys, Just finished this bash, CCT HALO, IMHO, the halo and water monster are the most 2 popular themes which always draw more attension from us. But yr aft yr, only the old Hottoys got some HALOs and price is getting higher and higher, and SS/DAM haven't released any new about it. So I have...
1-2 of 2 Results