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    As I received my barbarian everything is simple to put on the figure. However, his shoulder armor was not easily done. I mean c'mon TBLeauge... magnets, velcro, one bigger sized single button? Is that asking for too much? Two small buttons to get under the tight straps was not fun.
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    I guess a chubbier head will do, or just a bigger one. Shoot me with suggestions. Thank you!
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    Are there different male Jiaou variations? Or just the 3 different skin types? I tried checking around Google images and there seems to be a more muscular Jiaou body with a different product code, but when I checked their official site, there's only one body type with the different skin colors...
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    Hi guys, I'm planning on fitting a Jiaou doll body to a Very Cool Villa outfit. With the help of the awesome Martian we believe the mid bust 10c body is a good fit. From other threads, it seems like the outfit is very tight around the lower parts of the body, like hips and legs. I am keen on...
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    This link has the rest of the photos that are bigger: ToyPanic - Best deal online toy store in Malaysia and some says the rest of the world Features: -Head Sculpt x2 (regular head + kidnap head) -Figure Height 30 cm -Female body x1 -Exchangeable Hands x5 -Figure Stand x1 -Yellow Jumpsuit x1...
1-5 of 5 Results