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    (This is my first post on here, so I hope I properly figured out how to set up the pictures.) A paratrooper in or around St. Come Du Mont on the 7th of June. This kitbash was inspired by the pictures of the 101st Airborne, on and just after D-Day. I've always loved the see the wide arrange of...
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    Hi there fellows, and a Happy 2018 to all!!! I have a few loose BBI heads and have been searching for reasonably priced bodies for them; found an eBay vendor who's selling these headless Redman Toys bodies for less than $8. They all seem to be part of a "cowboys" series of figures. Any intel...
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    I recently bought this head on eBay. It was advertised as a BBI head. Does anyone know what head this is and what BBI body it fits? Thanks for any help. Alan
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    Hi there buds, I've recently acquired several BBi G-3 & G-3.5 bodies without feet. Are there any non-BBi feet that may fit these bodies? I have very few if any boots for pegs, so I use mostly boots for feet in my bashes. Hence the need for feet. Intel on this matter will be greatly...
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    Hey guys I was wondering if anyone knows or remembers back in the day BBI elite force villains Carlos and scar were in a magazine about figures coming out and it was pics of them like robbing a bank. Anyone know what I'm talking about ? Thanks for the help.
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    Antny... Machine Head $5 Ten Figure Gang head on BBI body. Thanks for looking. If anyone can help me with picture rotation, I would really appreciate it.
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    Special Coupon Offer: Use the Codeword: BLACKOPS5 to save $5 off orders equal or above $55 Parts In Stock: Hot Toys Avengers Quicksilver from Age Of Ultron Parts In Stock: Dark Crown Soul Hunter Parts In Stock: Dam Toys Elite Firearms SOPMOD II Rifles Parts In Stock: ZERT Urban...
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    I have a question about DAM Toys Wrist Pegs. They look very similar to Soldier Story or BBI but they look like they might be a bit thicker. Are they interchangeable?
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    See subject. Back around 2001 through 2003, these 1:6 female figures from BBI/Blue Box Toys were very popular. These are a far cry from what we're accustomed to nowadays, but remember these figures were the beginnings of what evolved/progressed to what we have available nowadays for 1:6 female...
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    I recently picked up a loose BBI French Paratrooper on eBay and I need a replacement for the damaged FAMAS. The M203 trigger guard is broken, which isn't a big deal as I don't plan to use it but the bipod legs are missing as well. I've seen images of the FAMAS with the bipod legs removed but I...
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    Here are some of my Russians. I got the BBI Russian MVD Falcon (used) very cheap at SGD30.00 & it's almost a complete set except for the red beret. Anyway it was a good deal I got from a fellow hobbyist. The only 2 things I did to "enhance" the look of the figure was to swap the HS to another...
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    Hi,Guys I spent longtime to collect 101st airborne.Mainly from BBI Boxes,DID,SS and some looses.Repainted some Dragon HS,I hope I can have 20 101st in 2017.
21-32 of 47 Results