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    Hi there people. I'm trying to kitbash a figure based on Sammy Sheik's character Mustafa in the movie American Sniper. Are there any commercially availableheads bearing resemblance to the actor? I'd rather not go into a custom based quest. Any help will be appreciated.
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    Can anymore identify this sculpt? Is it based on a person or character et? Or is it a generic? Thanks. CIAN 1/6 Blonde Planted Hair Male Head Sculpt Man Head Model | eBay
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    See subject. A bit of very late night reminiscing. This particular (IMHO) was one of their better offerings from back in the day. The reason the head sculpt is not shown is because around the time this set was produced and released Triad Toys received a few cease & desist notices regarding...
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    Hello. I need a small favor. I bought a 1/6 scale body awhile back for some bashes. Now I'm looking to sell it, but I have no idea what it is or what line it's from. The headsculpt looks like Marky Mark, but it's definitely not based on Lone Survivor, as it came out way before that and the hair...
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    Hallo all OSW members, its been awhile since i last post a thread here and i'm very suprised with the new layout. So i try to make a flight suit based on Eva from Metal Gear Solid 3 games. Sorry for the crappy photos, criticisms and suggestions are appreciated. Thanks.