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    Hi I’m from Berkshire in England. I’m hoping to get some information on how to attach different heads to bodies, especially cross manufactured. eg: ebitsu head to either Barbie or integrity bodies
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    Just purchased the winter soldier set from Alert Line, there are 2 things that confuse me: 1/ The fuzzy hat (Ushanka)'s wires are really long, is there a way of shortening them? Or do i have to cut them short? 2/ The helmet, how to attach 2 pieces together? Gluing ? (thinking there supposed to...
  3. Action Figure News, Reviews & Discussion.
    Does anyone know how to make the pictures I attach to my posts smaller? I'm using Photobucket as my storage and when I attach a picture to a thread, they are huge. I have tried editing the pictures in Photobucket and making them smaller, but that doesn't seem to work. OSW used to automatically...