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    Hi guys, any ideas? I've seen the M36 for Phicen, but that's more a tall slim ball player. THe Jiaou doll version seems too light for my project (edit - not sure, seems like it - does anyone have any experience? How dark is the skin?). Any of the really thick bodies available with African...
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    A work in progress to mark a now-missed anniversary: My American Expeditionary Forces doughboy for the 100th anniversary of the end of World War I: November 11th, 1918 I would have posted him on the 11th, but I was marking the occasion with a whole row of French 75s, Casablanca style: On to...
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    I'm planning a project involving a large number of Buffalo Soldiers and since I prefer working with Dragon figures I'm looking for a listing (preferably with photos) of all of Dragons African American releases. Does anyone know of such a list? Thanks Scott
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    Hey all, Was wondering if anyone was aware of any patriotic American t-shirts, tank tops, hoodies or bandanas on the market? For male figures, not female.vI don't know if I'm just not searching the right terms but I'm drawing a blank. I'm just looking for a piece of clothing that would match...
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    Just have to do the weathering and it will be done. All gear is DML except the helmets which are BGT for the M1 and 21C for the Stahlhelm. The GI boots are 21C as well. Germam uniform is DML. American is DID top and BBI trousers. American figure is DML and the German is Caltek. The German helmet...
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    Thanks for looking. Cheers, Peter.
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    Hi - anyone aware of African American female headsculpts (much less bodies) that are available? I have never seen any and I would love to find one to kitbash a character from an actions series I'm reading (Arisen ... special forces battling the zombie apocalypse - check it out, it's awesome!)...
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    OPERATION COBRA: A 70TH ANNIVERSARY DIO SHOOT 25 - 31 July, 1944: The Allies successfully break out of the heavy fighting in the Norman bocage and race across France. Paris is liberated on 25 August, 1944. PART 1: TIP OF THE SPEAR: 4TH ARMORED DIVISION 25TH CAVALRY RECONNAISSANCE SQUADRON...
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    I'm new to OSW, but I've been collecting and kit bashing since 2004. Lately I've thought about doing the whole Modern Warfare kitbash with Soap, Price, Gaz, Ghost and the whole Green Beret Metal team. But I digress to my main question: I want to do a British and American Airborne foursome with...
1-11 of 16 Results