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3d printing
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    Beware Pedro "Peter" Martinez of Kamino 3D Facility, who does 1/6 & 1:12 scale Star Wars items. I found him on eBay (went by lunatiixz, now going by kamino3dfacility) and talked on Facebook - he seemed nice and knowledgeable - I enjoyed chatting with him. I ordered one of his AT-RTs, Droideka...
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    Hi Everyone I did my second major diorama! The full photo-shoot is 54 images and can be seen on my blog here: Perhaps the main new thing here is I designed a mid century lamp and had it 3D printed. I have mixed feelings about the result...
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    Hello all, Visited here before, finally joined and hope to get some tips (messed up my post earlier, sorry :) ). Well my Jake Sully figure will arrive soon and he really needs some company. So i hope to turn my own 3D model into a sixth scale figure to accompany him. There's alot about 3D...
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    Has anyone heard about this 3D printing company? Danny Choo blog: Clone Factory Clone Factory The results look fantastic!
1-4 of 4 Results